by Warren Anderson

As a provider for physical therapy and sports performance for over 25 years I still get excited by the amazing people I meet.  While my job is to rehabilitate and inspire the patients and clients I work with, I can honestly say that many of these people inspire me with how they handle challenge and adversity with amazing success.  We have been friends with the Bevell family for many years.  Jim Bevell was in high school football in Phoenix for many years, most recently as the head coach at Arcadia High School.  The Bevell’s have 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls.  We’re most familiar with the youngest, Jimmy, who was the quarterback at Arcadia High School a few years ago, and is presently completing his college degree and still playing quarterback at Aurora College in Illiinois.  Jimmy also helps us out in the summer running youth programs.  We also know Darrell, the oldest son, back from the days when he was the starting quarterback for the University of Wisconsin when they went to the Rose Bowl.  Darrell is presently the offensive coordinator for the Seatlle Seahawks in the National Football League.

This story is about Adam Bevell.  Adam began losing his eyesight at age 14 and was completely blind by the age of 28.  This didn’t stop him from getting married and being the father of 4, while at the same time running a business inMesa.  Adam is a lifelong fan of the rock band U2.  His brother-in-law got him front row tickets to see the U2 concert in Nashvilleback in July.  Adam was holding up a sign that said “Blind Guitarist– Bring Me Up”.  At the end of the concert, Bono (U2’s singer) brought him up to play!   The newsclip will explain the rest of the story, but we found it really cool and think you will as well. By the way, the guitar that Adam is holding was the one he played onstage and Bono gave to him backstage. There are only 3 of these guitars in the world. Bono and the U2 crew fed exed the guitar overnight to Adam’s home.   Hope you enjoy the story!

Adam Bevell playing guitar with U2