We had the pleasure of attending the APTA CSM in Las Vegas February 3-6. We had a dual purpose in attending the meeting which is the national convention for the physical therapy industry. One, we got to attend the clinical courses that were offered throughout the week, and two, we had an exhibitors booth representing the “Knee in Motion” machine we developed (Arthromotion, LLC). The courses were informative, we got a chance to check all the “latest and greatest” in the exhibitors hall, and we got to network with a lot of people and old friends. Plus, we got to see a bunch of our former students now in the physical therapy industry.

The K.I.M. machine was met with overwhelming response, as this was our first chance to expose the product nationally. We have one major clinical study set up in Texas and have gotten a lot of interest from the research and development teams representing major players in the health care industry. We have also developed an ankle attachment for the K.I.M. which has been met with great critical review from foot and ankle orthopedists. Our boy Roger Spade has taken the ball and run with it!

Throughout our work developing the K.I.M. machine, we’ve really come up with some effective protocols in rehabbing total knees. We have some videos that will amaze you at what our patients are doing not long after total knee replacement! We’ll post them with a detailed article next time.

Last week Mitch and I were invited to a reception at the Phoenix Country Club for a presentation from Jeff Binder, CEO of Biomet, a health care conglomerate with a large prescence in the orthopedic device industry. The bulk of Mr. Binder’s presentation was regarding total knee replacements, how advances in technology have people getting their degenerative knee “replaced” at a much younger age than years past, and resuming a pain-free, active lifestyle. More to come on this!