Rehab Plus Physical Therapy and Sport Performance, established in 1985, provides patients with comprehensive, personalized restoration of normal, pain-free function and mobility.  Our mission is to return every patient to their desired level of health and activity, while providing great customer service and affordable costs. Our continued success and reputation are driven by a commitment to  returning your body quickly and safely to optimum condition.


Rehab Plus Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Ahwatukee leader in rehabilitation of orthopedic and sports-related injuries. Each of our clinics is a 100% physical therapist owned and operated facility, thus we are completely committed to providing you the highest quality of care available.

Rehab Plus’ physical therapists have advanced training certifications in manual therapy, meaning a comprehensive approach to hands-on treatment combined with specialized therapeutic exercise resulting in the best possible outcome for your injury. Due to years of experience working with top athletes from around the world, our rehab is more aggressive and focused on taking a traditional injury to the next level. Our certified Athletic Trainers and Exercise Physiologists complete the treatment team and guarantee our athletes return to their sport, our weekend warriors to their passion, and our well-elderly to their life.

At Rehab Plus Physical Therapy we realize that sooner or later we all get injured, and when we do we want the highest level of care.  That’s why we use the most sophisticated techniques that have been proven to restore full health and beyond.  Our specialized physical therapy programs have helped many world class athletes, including those from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and WNBA.  However, our specialized therapy programs are not just for professional athletes.  At Rehab Plus all of our patients receive the same top quality care.  We meet individually with each patient to determine a program that not only addresses their specific injury but one that also keeps in mind their needs and concerns.  You and your injury dictate the therapy, not the insurance company and not a corporate office. Rehab Plus is owned by the physical therapists who provide your care.  We are involved with all of our patients, and we treat every injury with the same diligence.  It doesn’t matter if you were hurt making a tackle, were involved in a traffic accident, or had surgery, we will help you get back on track.


“I first came to Rehab Plus Phoenix in a wheelchair, recuperating from a climbing accident that left me with two broken ankles and a dislocated shoulder. Mitch, Robert, and Warren each worked patiently with me and got me up and going again. I had complete trust and confidence in them to push me enough to keep making progress, but not too fast to do any damage. As an avid athlete, I really appreciate the sports oriented approach to recovery. Within several weeks I took my first walking steps in their center. Now it’s eight years later and I still enjoy keeping in touch as I continue to use their facility for strength training.” -Jeff Stanton – Architect