Last night on CBS’ 60 Minutes show there was a great piece of 15 yr old Jack Andreka, a literal genius who has made unbelievable inroads into the detection of pancreatic cancer.  Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!


Also check out our friend Jude LaCava’s interview with Jack back in September 2013.

It’s impressive to see someone so young accomplish so much.

Like any “genius” he doesn’t let a little setback put him down.  Our “Rain Man”, Raymond Babbitt had a strong comeback this weekend going 3 for 4 on winners and 3 for 4 vs. the spread.  We should note that the over/under picks we listed weren’t really Raymonds, they were suggested plays from a Las Vegas Computer program.  Bottom line:  Stick with Raymond!  We should also note it appears Raymond enjoys his best success when picking West Coast games.  Have a great week, we have some other interesting stories coming.